[Event Result] Giveaway Event: Gold Rush!

<Miner Job Updated! Gold Rush Event Result>

[Event] Giveaway Event: Gold Rush!
Shirley Holmes found an old mining map that is worth more than $1K of Gold.
40K Gold is available for travelers who have yet to redeem the code!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Gold Rush event.
We'll come back with another freebies event soon!

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How to enter a coupon?
- Android : In-game [Settings] > [Info] > [Coupon Code]
- iPhone: Go to [Coupon Site] with your Character Token ID found in the [Info]

🎁 List of the rewards

Please redeem the remaining codes before it expires!

DWJ003 will expire on August 18th, 23:59 UTC.
KPC001 will expire on September 29th, 15:00(UTC), or when it all runs out.

Each coupon is only available to use once per account.