[Notice] End of Service and Refund/Purchase Cancellation Information

Greetings from Astell.

As the #Me service is ending on July 31st, 2024 (Wednesday), certain items bought during the service period may qualify for a refund.

Please refer to the following details.
If you require any assistance, feel free to reach out to customer support.

We will do our best to minimize inconvenience for all Travelers until our last day together.

[Refund / Purchase Cancelation]  
1. Full Refund of Paid Items 
- All purchases made from May 13th, 2024 (Monday) to June 13th, 2024 (Thursday) maintenance.
*Upon request, all in-app purchases made during the specified period will be fully refunded or canceled via the respective app store, regardless of whether the items were received or used.
*As the items purchased during the above period will be fully refunded, the quantity of paid Diamonds obtained from items that have been fully refunded will not be included in the refund of unused paid Diamonds.

!! Please Note !!
- To initiate the refund process, navigate to the in-game [Settings] → [Info] → [Support] → [1:1 Support], and submit an inquiry following the refund request form provided below.
- If the refund is processed through the market as a payment cancelation, the cancelation will be processed after verifying the payment records, starting from August 21st (Wednesday) after the deadline for submissions.

2. Refund of Unused Paid Diamonds and Paid Items Stored in the Mailbox(Paid Item)
- All items purchased from the start of service to June 13th, 2024 (Thursday) at 11:59 PM.
- Eligible Users:
(1) Travelers who have remaining paid Diamonds from paid Diamond packages.
*This does not apply to free Diamonds.
(2) Travelers who have remaining paid items stored in the Mailbox(Paid Item)  
*This does not apply to paid items purchased with paid Diamonds.

!! Please Note !!
- Paid/Free Diamonds in your possession will remain usable until the end of the service.
- Refund requests will be calculated based on the remaining balance of unused paid Diamonds as of 11:59 PM on July 31, 2024 (Wednesday).  
- Free Diamonds obtained through events or in-game features are not eligible for refunds. The quantity of Diamonds eligible for refund may differ from the quantity you currently possess.
- Diamonds used in-game after purchase are not eligible for refunds. 
- To initiate the refund process, go to in-game [Settings] → [Info] → [Support] → [1:1 Support], and submit an inquiry following the provided refund request form.

3. Refund Application Process
- Refund application period: From June 13th, 2024 (Thursday) after maintenance to August 21st, 2024 (Wednesday) at 11:59 PM.
- Please note that to proceed with the refund process correctly, Travelers must complete the refund application by 11:59 PM on August 21, 2024 (Wednesday) after receiving refund-related instructions. 
- To initiate the refund process, navigate to the in-game [Settings] → [Info] → [Support] → [1:1 Support], and submit an inquiry following the refund request form provided below. 

*Please include all the following information when submitting your inquiry to facilitate the smooth processing of your refund.

[Required Information for Refund Application]
0. Refund Request Details:  

    Ex) 1-1. Unused paid Diamonds
          1-2. Unused paid items(stored in Mailbox)
          2. Full refund according to the specified period of payment  

* Please fill in the applicable refund criteria.

1) Name and server of the character who made the payment :

2) Market of purchase (App Store / Play Store etc.) : / Transaction ID of the purchased item :

3) Refund Consent: I agree.

[How to find Transaction ID]
1) Google Play Store: Google Pay website (https://payments.google.com/) LoginActivity]or[Receipt]
  (Example: GPA.0000-0000-0000-00000)
2) iOS App Store: Apple “Report a problem” website (https://reportaproblem.apple.com)  Login  Click on payment history
  A combination of about 10 alphanumeric characters

!! Please Note !!
- Please ensure to provide all the "Required Information for Refund Application" when submitting your inquiry to proceed with the refund. 
- Refunds will be processed after the end of the refund application period, and it may take some time for the refund to be finalized. 
- Kindly note that there may be a delay in receiving a response after submitting a refund request. 
- Additional documentation may be required after submitting the application. 

Thank you.