[Event] Giveaway Event: Gold Rush!

<Miner Job Updated! Gold Rush Event>

Shirley Holmes found an old mining map that is worth more than $1K of Gold.
She already hit one gold mine and found 10,000 Gold buried underneath!

Where are the other Gold buried?
Get your picks and shovels before the gold reserves run out!

Join our Discord server now and cooperate with other Travelers to find the gold mine more efficiently.

📌 How to Participate

The coordinates on the map will be your coupon code. Enter the coupon code in this format: DWJ003
DWJ003 is the area where Shirley found and guarantees 10,000 Gold for everyone!

You must select a coordinate that has land on the map. (AZM001, for example, will not be a valid coordinate).

How to enter a coupon?
- Android : In-game [Settings] > [Info] > [Coupon Code]
- iPhone: Go to [Coupon Site] with your Character Token ID found in the [Info]

📅 Event Period

-  Aug 11th ~ until all coupons run out
(The DWJ003 coupon will expire on August 18th, 23:59 UTC)

🎁 List of the rewards

🔔 Please Note

- Each coupon is only available to use once per account.
- You may not redeem the code when the number of coupons available runs out.
- If you enter the coupon number directly from the app: The items will be sent to the character’s mailbox that you are connecting to.
- If you enter the coupon number by using the coupon website: The items will be sent to the character’s mailbox that you've redeemed on the coupon website.
- Please ensure that you enter the right user token and are connected to the right server character before entering the coupon code.