[Patch Notes] February 28th Update Details (3/2 Updated)

There will be scheduled maintenance on February 28th.
Please find the update details below.

- Detailed schedule will be announced via the official blog.
- Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
- The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

πŸ›οΈ New Accessories and Outfits

New outfit collections will be added.
Try out the new outfits in Boutique J&J!


- The following accessories will be added to the Boutique: 2 Mask, 7 Hat, 2 Ear, 6 Back, 1 Glasses, 1 Face, and 1 Glove.
- Sale Duration: - Available in the Boutique after the February 28th update.


1) Daily Edge Package
- Available to purchase the Package from the Boutique with Diamonds.- Sale Duration: February 28th 00:00 – April 30th 23:59 (UTC+0)

2) Blossom Waltz Package
- Available to purchase the Package from the Boutique with Diamonds.- Sale Duration: February 28th 00:00 – April 30th 23:59 (UTC+0)

3) Individual Outfit Items
- You can now purchase individual outfit items that were previously only available from packages.
- Sale Duration: Individual outfit items will be available from the February 28th update and onward.
- Available Outfit: Marvelously Elegant

🏡️ New Emblems and Changes

New Emblems

1) New Epic Emblems
- 35 new epic emblems will be added to the Emblem Shop.
- Sale Duration: - Available from the Emblem Shop after the February 28th update.

2) Limited Emblem
- [β˜† Wolfgang (Swiftshooter)] will be available at the Emblem Shop.- Sale Duration: February 28th 00:00 – April 30th 23:59 (UTC+0)

Emblem Ascension

- Aim for the highest! You can now extend the maximum upgrade level of an Emblem with the new Emblem Ascension feature.
- You can ascend an Emblem of Epic tier or higher a maximum of 3 times.
- The max level of an Emblem extends after each successful ascension.- Lv.5 Epic Emblems and gold is needed to ascend.

Changes in Emblem

1) Regular Emblem loot box removed
- Regular Emblem loot box will be removed and only the Limited Emblem loot box will be available.

2) Higher tier Emblems added
- Legendary tier Emblems will be added.
- Limited Emblems released after January 31st will be graded as 'Legendary' tiers.

3) Emblem drop rate changes
- Epic Emblem drop rate will be adjusted from 2% to 3%.
- Limited Emblem drop rate will be adjusted from 2% to 0.1%.

4) Emblem price changes
- 1 Emblem: Diamonds 9 β†’ 15
- 10 Emblems: Diamonds 90 β†’ 150

5) Emblems Auto Select target
- Auto-selecting Emblems for Emblem level up will now select up to Rare tier.
* Selecting an Emblem higher than Rare tier will trigger a warning popup window.

6) Emblem Ascension update (Updated)
- Some of the Emblems' levels have been adjusted according to the Emblem Ascension update.
- Adjusted Emblems: Freya, Vivian, Wolfgang, Draco Machina, Patra
- Level 3 β†’ Level 5
- Level 4 β†’ Level 6 (1st Ascension)
- Level 5 β†’ Level 8 (2nd Ascension)

πŸ—ΊοΈ New Adventure Mode

New Adventure Mode - Elite

'Elite Mode' will be added to the Adventure Areas. Test your adventure skills against stronger opponents!

1) Elite Adventure Cards
- Elite Adventure Cards that will allow you to enter Elite Adventure Areas will be added.
- Elite Adventure Cards can be obtained from Adventure Areas that require more than 4 Adventure Cards to enter.

2) New Rewards
- You can obtain 'Engraving Orders' and 'Mana Solvents' from Elite Adventure Areas.
- Engraving Orders and Mana Solvents are available from Chapter 1 Region 6 Elite Adventure Areas.
- You can also obtain materials for crafting 5β˜… equipment.

New Adventure Feature - Auto-Battle

- Now you can trigger Auto-Battle during your adventure.
- You can still manually operate without turning off the auto-battle.
- Auto-Battle feature is only available in the Normal and the Elite Adventure mode.

πŸ—‘οΈ New Equipment & Changes

New 5β˜… equipment and upgrade materials for 5β˜… equipment will be available from the Elite Adventure mode rewards will be added.

New Equipment: Dreaming Haze

- 'Dreaming Haze' set will be available.
- Craft a new rune sword and levineer bow for your adventure!

Changes in Equipment Craft Runes

1) New Runes
- The crafting runes for 'Innocence Brilliance' and 'Iron Spire' equipment sets will be available at Fortuna's Wheel again.

2) Discontinued
- Knight's Rune : Daybringer (Lightbringer set)
- Archer's Rune : Daybringer (Thunderbringer set)

Equipment Ascension

- You can now obtain multiple pieces of the same equipment.
- You can expand the maximum upgrade level of a piece of equipment using the same equipment and gold.
- Ascending a piece of equipment will never fail.
- Each piece of equipment can only be ascended once.

Equipment Engraving

- Ascended equipment can be Engraved to improve its properties.
- You can engrave random properties to your equipment using 'Engraving Orders' and gold.
- The amount of gold needed for engraving will vary according to the number of engraving attempts.
- Every piece of equipment can be engraved with up to three properties. After the 3rd engraving attempt, you can "re-engrave" to change the properties.
- Once you re-engrave, a popup window will be displayed showing the original properties and the new properties. You can choose whether or not to select the new properties.
* If you close the popup window or close the app without choosing any properties, the original properties before re-engraving will be selected automatically.

Improvements in Equipment Upgrades

- Maximum upgradable level after equipment ascension will be displayed in the Upgrade UI.
- Now you can use 'Mana Solvents' to enhance upgrade success rates.

🎁 Mileage Shop

New Items

- Limited Emblem (Legendary): 1,500 Mileage (Max.1 per month)
- Epic Emblem Mystery Box: 500 Mileage (Max. 1 per month)
- Engraving Order x30: 20 Mileage (Max. 3 per month)
- Radiant Mana Solvent x5 20 Mileage (Max. 3 per month)
- Exp Emblem I (+1,000 Exp): 40 Mileage (Max. 6 per month)
- Exp Emblem II (+1,800 Exp): 60 Mileage (Max. 6 per month)
- Exp Emblem III (+2,800 Exp): 80 Mileage (Max. 6 per month)

Discontinued Item

- Fine tier Emblems will no longer be available from the shop.

βš™οΈ Other Improvements and Adjustments

New Items

- 'Mana Solvents' and 'Stress Relievers' will be added.

1) Mana Solvents
- Using 'Mana Solvent' as an enhancer will increase the upgrade success rate. The success rate increased will differ according to the type of Mana Solvent.
- You can get Mana Solvents from Elite modes of Chapter 1 Enigmatic Ruins: Region 1 - Area 6.
* The upgrade success rate cannot exceed 100%, so be sure to check the warning popup window so that you won't waste your Mana Solvents.
* If registered to use for Auto-upgrades, the Mana Solvent will be automatically spent for each upgrade. Please make sure that you don't overuse it!

2) A Cup of Tea
- 'A Cup of Tea' resolves all stress points.
- You can purchase it from the Manager's House.
* You can't use 'A Cup of Tea' if you are not stressed.

Changes in standard time

- The 'standard time' of some content will now change from UTC to the server time after the February 28th update.
- Content: Stamp Tour, Visitor's Pass, Tour Events

Magic Salon & Pigment Crafting Discounts

- Magic Salon and Pigments Craft cost will get a 50% discount every Saturday.

Increased Reward Fever Time Event Extended (Updated)

- 'Adventure gold reward: +30%' and 'Request gold reward: +30%' Fever Time Events will be extended.
- Adventure gold reward: +30%: Weekdays 20:00 - 21:00
- Request gold reward: +30%: Weekdays 21:00 - 22:00
* Both Fever Time Events will be applied.

Item Selling Price Adjusted

- The selling prices to Stella Mart for items obtained from Daily and Adventure activities will be adjusted.
- Selling prices and Exp will be adjusted for Live Auctions.
- The number of items needed to start the Live Auction will be adjusted.
- The amount of donations received during Live Auctions will be greatly increased.

New Requests

- 7 new Requests will be added to Astell's Request board.

Style Change Button

- The 'Style Change' button will be displayed with the chat window as well.

Regeneration Attribute Adjustments

-Regeneration attribute obtainable through equipment collection will be adjusted to 1/10.
- Regeneration Cycle will increase by 3 times.

Item Review Rewards Adjustments

- Reward for Reviewing a new item will be adjusted to 10 Diamonds.

Fashion Battle Refresh Cost Adjusted

- Fashion Battle opponent list refresh cost will be adjusted: 1 Diamond β†’ 5 Mileage

Improvements on Boutique's 'Try On' Feature

- You can tap on the check box of an outfit item in the 'Try On' popup window to change the item's status to 'Tried On / Off'.

Shop UI Improvement

- Main screen > Shopping Home UI will be improved.

Color Palettes Improvement

- No more unlocking color palettes per outfit with precious Mileage points! Now you can dye your outfit with your favorite color by collecting materials and making color pigments!
- Color pigments can be made with materials and gold.
- If you don't have enough materials or gold to make a pigment, you can use your Mileage points to make the pigment instantly.* If you have already unlocked the outfit's color palette before the February 28th update, the Mileage points used to unlock the color palette will be reimbursed after the maintenance.

🧰Bug Fixes

- An issue where the Crew chat is exposed as nearby town chat.
- An issue where 'Debuff Effect β–²' stat for certain Emblems has been improperly implemented within the game.
- An issue where the boss monster of Chapter 2: Area 30 does not show its skill motion.
- An issue where an incorrect message is displayed when attempting to search Daily Jobs objects.