[Notice] #Me Update Maintenance(Completed)

Greetings from #Me!

The scheduled maintenance has been successfully completed.
Now you may return to #Me.

Please claim 💎40 Diamond💎 from your inbox as compensation for the maintenance.

We will always try our best for a better game service!

Greetings from Astell! 

There will be a scheduled maintenance on February 29th. 

The game will be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. Kindly make a note of the schedule.We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

▶ Date: Feb. 29th (Thu) 13:00 – 16:00 15:00 (UTC+9)

▶ Update Details:

[Individual Outfit Items]
- Autumn Preppy Set
- Astellean Chef Set 
*Sale Duration: Available after the February 29th update.

[New Emblems]
- Limited Emblem: ☆ Fortuna (Sharpshooter)
- Epic Emblem: Patra (Sharp Conviction) 
*Sale Duration: 2024 Mar. 1st 00:00 – Mar. 31st 23:59 (server time)

[Solar Tower Reset]
- The Solar Tower will reset on February 29th. Embrace the challenge with a new spirit!