[Notice] Emergency Maintenance Completed

Greetings from #Me!

The scheduled maintenance has been successfully completed.
Now you may return to #Me.

The issue allowing for repeated claims of Pass rewards has been resolved through temporary maintenance.
However, due to an error, individually retrieving these repeatedly obtained rewards posed a challenge.
Consequently, a complete retrieval of Pass rewards from the mailbox was conducted.

We apologize to all travelers who may have experienced inconvenience due to this issue.
As a gesture of apology, we have sent [10 Adventure Tickets, 30 Clovers, 10 Diamonds] via mail.
While it may be small compared to the inconvenience caused, we hope it proves helpful during your stay in Astell.

Lastly, please be aware that characters with confirmed records of intentionally claiming Pass rewards repeatedly may face sanctions in accordance with our Terms of Service.
If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact our customer center.

[Fixed Known Issues]
- (Fixed) An issue where Pass rewards could be claimed repeatedly.

Please claim 💎40 Diamond💎 from your inbox as compensation for the maintenance.

We will always try our best for a better game service!

Thank you.