[Notice] App Version Update Recommended (AOS/iOS)

A recommended app update will proceed on August 16th in order to address the server issues.

Please read below for more details.

[Recommended Update Details]

▶Schedule: August 16th 04:15 (UTC+0)

▶ Details: Addressing the some app issue
- (Fixed) Where when tapping the ground to move towards a destination and then attempting to change the course by tapping the ground again does not work as intended.
- (Fixed) Where monsters dissapear and progression becomes impossible upon network reconnection during Adventures.
- (Fixed) Where obtained Bonus EXP is not displayed when fishing.
- (Fixed) Where Angler's level-up animation is not displayed.
- (Fixed) Where the overall CP in the equipment menu does not properly calculate the leveled up Active Skill Talent.
- (Fixed) Where equipped outfits briefly flicker when purchasing an outfit package. - (Fixed) Player synchronization issue in the town.

Updated App version
- 1.0.072543
* The detail of the updated app version can be found on the Google Play Store & App Store

※ The recommended update will not require any maintenance, the players can download the updated app version from the Google Play Store and App Store.
※ Distribution time of the app may vary depending on the market store.

Thank you.