[Patch Notes] June 27th Update Details (Updated)

There will be scheduled maintenance on June 27th.

  • The detailed schedule will be announced on the official blog.
  • Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
  • The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

πŸ“• New Job License

Class 3 licenses will be added for Miner and Animal Sitter jobs.

Class 3 License

1) Class 3 License for 2 Jobs
- Class 3 Licenses will be added for Miner and Animal Sitter jobs.
- 2 Keywords will be added for the newly added licenses.

2) Class 3 License Requests
- 11 Requests will be added for the newly added Class 3 Licenses.

3) Live Auction Items
-New Class 3 License items will be available to sell through Live Auctions.
Miner: Gemstone Beads / Sapphire Shards / Emerald Shards / Raw Sapphire / Raw Emerald
Animal Sitter: Essence Extract / Voluminous Fur Tuft / Shiny Whiskers
/ Giant Feather / Giant Egg / Lavish Angora Wool / Lavish Felt Fabric

- A new Elite Adventure item will be available to sell through Live Auctions.
Lucky Golden Pot

πŸ›οΈ New Outfits and Accessories

New outfits will be available in the Boutique.
Try on the new outfits in Boutique J&J!


1) Summer Stroll Set
- The Package will be available for purchase with Diamonds from the Boutique.
- Sale Duration: June 26th 00:00 – August 31st 23:59 (server time)

2) Shred Squad Set
- The Package will be available for purchase with Diamonds from the Boutique.
- Sale Duration: June 26th 00:00 – August 31st 23:59 (server time)

3) Individual Outfit Items
- You can now purchase individual outfit items that were previously only available as Packages from the Boutique.
- Sale Duration: Individual outfit items will be available in the Boutique after the June 27th update.
- Available Items: Springtime Picnic Set, New Moments Set

🏡️ New Emblems and Changes

New Emblems

1) New Epic Emblem
- 1 new Epic Emblem will be added to the Emblem Shop.
- Sale Duration: Available from the Emblem Shop after the June 27th update.

2) Limited Emblem
- β˜† Fortuna (Fleetfoot Knight) will be added to the Emblem Shop.
- Sale Duration: July 1st 00:00 – July 31st 23:59 (Server time)

🎁 Shop Changes

New Items

- 3 new Packages and 5 new Passes will be available for purchase.

* Please note that there is a purchase limit for each of the new 3 Packages!

* The Emblem Pass is only counted when obtaining an Emblem from Emblem Shop with Diamonds.

- Gold items in [Exchange] shop will be changed as follows. Β 

- The price of Eβ˜…Stream Membership Subscription will be adjusted as follows.
* Due to Apple's policies, prices may vary by country on iOS devices, and the adjusted prices may take up to 2+ days to be applied

πŸ—ΊοΈ New Elite Adventure Areas and Equipment

Elite Adventure Areas

Elite Adventure Areas 7-12 will be added.
- Materials needed to craft the new Wise Mystic weapons will be obtainable from Elite Adventure Area 7-12.

New Equipment

- New Wise Mystic Equipment will be added!

TIP! How can I obtain Wise Mystic Equipment?
1. Gather materials from Elite Adventures to craft them!
2. Obtain materials from the new Equipment Craft Pass!

New Craft Pass: Wise Mystic
- You can also obtain materials for crafting Wise Mystic equipment through the new Craft Pass.

Get your hands on this new equipment through Pass rewards!

🎁 Brochure Changes

Stamp Tour Changes

End of Stamp Tour
- The following Stamp Tours will be available up until the June 27th maintenance.
1) Daily Stamp
2) Fashion Battle Victory
3) Adventure Victory

Upcoming Stamp Tours
- The new Stamp Tours will begin as of June 27th (Server time)
1) New Daily Stamp
2) Great Supporter
3) Fashion Battle Victory
4) Blacklist Arrests
5) Championship Competitor
6) Elite Adventurer

βš™οΈ Improvements & Changes

New Requests

- 12 additional Requests will be available in Astell.

New Animal Friends

- Angora Rabbit, Great Parrotbill, and Big Dog will be added.

Korean Audio

- An option where you can switch between English and Korean voice will be available from Settings.

Emblem Equipment

- Emblems will be separated from Outfits, and will be able to equip in separate Outfit presets.
* After the update, any previously equipped Emblems will be automatically unequipped.

Be sure to re-equip your Emblems!

Improvements to Contents

- The criteria for the Championship Qualifier total points reward will be adjusted.
* Please refer to the table below for detailed information.
- Current scores will reset along with the maintenance.

Changes to Licenses

1) Model License will be easier to progress.
- The Training Category of Model Licenses will be adjusted so that it would be easier to progress.
- Chances for an NPC to appear in Fashion Battle will increase significantly.

2) Content Creator Training Categories will be adjusted.

Other Improvements

- Stats screen will be improved.

- An info popup will be added to the Equipment screen.
- Information will be added to the Level Up effect.
- Challenges will require submitting only when renewing the new highest score.
- "Watch" button will be disabled if the ad hasn't been properly loaded.
- The list of Jobs will always be visible at the bottom of the Job Digest screen.
- Item names for Trade and Convert will be displayed in Fortuna's Shop.
- The applicant number limit on Requests will be removed.
- The method of displaying CRIT DMG stat has been changed.
*Assuming a base damage of 100% and additional damage of 25%, it would be displayed as follows.

- Originals Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 monsters have been rebalanced.
- The animation for the ranker's chair emote has been changed.