[Notice] App Version Update Recommended (AOS, iOS)

A recommended app update will proceed on April 6th in order to address the app issue.

Please read below for more details.

[Recommended Update Details]

▶ Details: Addressing the some app issue

Updated App version
- 1.0.032824
* The detail of the updated app version can be found on the Google Play Store & App Store

- An issue where Diligence Pass' Animal Sitter Pass Mission shortcut doesn't work as intended.
- An issue where frog's 3D model doesn't appear when defeated in Adventure Areas.
- An issue where 'More' button doesn't display any popup window.
- An issue where 'Butterfly Bonanza' challenge's 'Caught only a bunch of Moths' title is displayed as 'Caught only a bunch of Witworms'.
- An issue where 'Cooldown ▼' donation is not applied properly in Championship.
- An issue where the app crashes when tapping on Contributions Rank after entering the weekend Championship as an audience.
- An issue where the chest name is improperly displayed as 'Mystic Chest: Colony' when finding a chest in Chapter 2 Adventure Areas.
- An issue where the auto
- battle feature stops when equipping long-distance weapons in Elite Adventure Area stage 2.
- An issue where Traveler's Map auto-navigation feature occasionally leads to the furthest way possible instead of the shortest.

※ The recommended update will not require any maintenance, the players can download the updated app version from the Google Play Store and App Store.
※ Distribution time of the app may vary depending on the market store.

Thank you.