[Patch Notes] March 28th Update Details (Updated)

There will be scheduled maintenance on March 28th.
Please find the update details below.

- Detailed schedule will be announced via the official blog.
- Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
- The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

🌷Season Event: Flower Bloom!

The season of Flower Bloom is here!

Astell is celebrating spring with various special events!
Come visit the Manager's House on the 28th for more details!

All season-limited content will be available until April 20th, 2023.

Changes in Astell

- Flower Bloom themed music will play in the background throughout the season.
- Flower Bloom Event Staff, Cherry Bloomeow, is coming to town!
- New Flower Bloom-themed Photo Spots will be added in Astell. Take a snapshot of the delightful season!
- A Flower Bloom animation effect applies to High-Fives.
- The weather forecast reports flower petal flurries in Astell on certain days! 🌸

Seasonal Currency

- A special currency to use throughout the Flower Bloom event: Blossom Macaron and Scarlet Blossom Macaron
- Seasonal currencies can be obtained through various activities in Astell during the Flower Bloom event.
- Period to gain currency: After March 28th maintenance – April 17th 23:59 (UTC+0)

Flower Bloom NewsFeed Quest

- 'Event | Lively! Flower Bloom Event Ongoing!' feed will be added to the NewsFeed for the Flower Bloom season.
- Upon completion of the quest, a Fresh Sprout Coronet will be awarded!

Flower Bloom Stamp Tours

- 4 Flower Bloom season-exclusive Stamp Tours will be added.
- Complete the Stamp Tours and get your Flower Bloom accessories! You can also exchange items from the Event Store with Flower Bloom currencies!

Flower Bloom Raffle

- Enjoy the Flower Bloom Raffle with Flower Bloom currencies at Cherry Bloomeow's Raffle Baffle!

Flower Bloom Event Store

- You can purchase various items from the Flower Bloom Event Store with Flower Bloom currencies.

Flower Bloom Requests

- You can start Flower Bloom Requests from Cherry Bloomeow.
- Duration: March 28th - April 17th 23:59 (UTC+0)

Flower Bloom Keywords and Title

- Exclusive Keywords: Blossom Chest, Flower Bloom Challenge, Flower Bloom Request
- The Flower Bloom exclusive Title can only be obtained during the event period.

Flower Bloom Challenges

- 3 new Challenges will be available during the event period!
1) Spring Flower Coronet Challenge: March 27th – April 1st
2) Butterfly Bonanza: April 3rd – April 8th
3) Where's the Balloon?: April 10th – April 15th

Flower Bloom Equipment

- 6 pieces of Flower Bloom season-exclusive equipment will be added. (2 weapons / 4 armor)

Blossom Chest

- Season-limited Blossom Chests can be found in Adventure Areas that has been completed at least once during the Flower Bloom season.
- Duration: March 28th – April 17th 23:59 (UTC+0)
- Open the Blossom Chest by hitting it with your weapon to get gold and various items.

Flower Bloom Topic Category

- A 'Spring' Category will be added to Topics.
- Topic Duration: April 1st 00:00 – May 31st 23:59 (UTC+0)

πŸ›οΈ New Feature and Outfits!

New outfits will be available for sale in the Boutique.
Try out the new outfits in Boutique J&J!

New Features

- You can now customize Cam and your frog form.
- Style points will be applied for Cam and frog form as well. Their style points will count in Fashion Shows. (Presets cannot be saved)


1) Springtime Picnic Set
- The Springtime Picnic Package will be available for purchase with Diamonds from the Boutique.
- Sale Duration: March 28th 00:00 – May 31st 23:59 (UTC+0)

2) New Moments Set
- The New Moments Package will be available for purchase with Diamonds from the Boutique.
- Sale Duration: March 28th 00:00 – May 31st 23:59 (UTC+0)

3) Individual Outfit Items
- You can now purchase individual outfit items that were previously only available from packages.
- Sale Duration: Individual outfit items will be available in the Boutique once the March 28th update is complete.
- Available Items: Lovely Tender, Green Woods Forestry

🏡️ New Emblems and Changes

New Emblems

- New emblems 'Everyday Patra' & 'β˜† Patra (Hot Topic)' will be added!- Sale Duration: Available in the Boutique from April 1st.
* 'Everyday Patra' Emblem is not included in the Mileage Shop's Epic Emblem Box.

πŸ‘› New Paid Items and Store Update

Seasonal Items

3 'Flower Bloom' packages will be added to the Premium shop.
- Sale Duration: March 28th – April 20th
- Purchase limit: 1 per account

New Pass

1) Diligence Pass
- Complete 7 missions that reset 3 times a day to gather points and earn rewards!
- Pass Sale and Activation Period: March 28th – May 31st 23:59 (Server time)
- Purchase limit: 2 purchases over 2 months

2) Premium Equipment Pass
- Get materials for crafting Dreaming Haze equipment! A new Login Pass will be added.
- You can purchase login counts with 25 Diamonds per day. Missions left for that day will be instantly completed.
- Pass Sale and Activation Period: After March 28th update until further notice

Paid Item Changes

1) First Upgrade! Package
- Price Change: 13 Diamonds β†’ 25 Diamonds
- Package Content Change: 2,000 Gold + 7 Metacubes β†’ 10,000 Gold + 7 Metacubes

2) Unboxing Upgrade! Package
- Price Change: 130 Diamonds β†’ 250 Diamonds
- Package Content Change: 20,000 Gold + 70 Metacubes β†’ 100,000 Gold + 50 Metacubes

3) Monthly Life Package
- Package Content Change: 110 Diamonds + 100,000 Gold + 30 Clovers
β†’ 110 Diamonds + 100,000 Gold + 45 Clovers

4) Monthly Creative Package
- Package Content Change: 110 Diamonds + 100,000 Gold + 45 Contest Cards + 30 Fashion Battle Cards
β†’ 110 Diamonds + 100,000 Gold + 45 Contest Cards + 10 Dye Vials

5) Visitor's Pass
- Package Content Change: 80 Diamonds + 80,000 Gold + 56 Metacubes + 40 Dye Vials
β†’ 160 Diamonds + 120,000 Gold + 84 Metacubes + 40 Dye Vials

🎈 Brochure Update

Stamp Tour Changes

1) Changes in 'Part-timer' Reward
- The reward for completing 9 Requests will change from 5 Diamonds to 3 Adventure Tickets as of April 1st.

2) 'Watch Ad, Get Gift!' Removed
- 'Watch Ad, Get Gift!' will be removed from the Stamp Tour as of April 1st. (Only available until March 31st)

3) Changes in 'Adventure Victory'
- The current UTC+0 based 'Adventure Victory' Stamp Tour schedule will end on March 31st. (Only available until March 30th)
- Adventure Victory Stamp Tour will begin again on April 3rd in server time. Adventure Victory will now run for 14 days and reset.

4) Changes in 'Fashion Battle Victory'
- The current UTC+0 based 'Fashion Battle Victory' Stamp Tour schedule will end on April 7th. (Only available until April 6th)
- Fashion Battle Stamp Tour will begin again on April 10th in server time. Fashion Battle Victory will now run for 14 days and reset.

βš™οΈ Other Improvements and Adjustments

Content Improvement

- 11 new Requests will be added to Astell's Request board.
- The number of monsters in Adventure Area Ch.1 stages 7 – 40 will be increased.
- The space between waves of monsters in Adventure Area Ch.1 stages 1 – 40 will be decreased.

Damage Visuals Improved

- The damage font and effect have been improved.

Improvements in Contests

1) Championship Phase System
- Boss phase shift will change from 'HP Reduction' system to 'Phase Increase' system.

2) Championship Donation System
- Donation cost: Each time a donation is made, the cost of the next donation will increase.
- Donation buff level: As the donation level increases, the chance of donating a more beneficial and stronger buff will increase as well. Furthermore, ATK related buffs will be more likely to be donated. (1-10 times: Level 1 / 11-20 times: Level 2 / 21 or more times: Level 3)- The donation effect will change. Also, a system for players to give reactions to donations has been added.

3) Fashion Show Style Point Calculation Method & Donation Costs

- The donation cost for Fashion Show will be adjusted to reflect the change in how the Fashion Show style points are calculated.
- 'It's okay' donation: 25 Coins β†’ 250 Coins
- 'Like it' donation: 250 Coins β†’ 500 Coins

Fashion Battle Rewards

- Winning against another player: 1 Dye Vial β†’ 500 Gold
- Winning against an NPC: 3 Dye Vials β†’ 1,000 Gold

Improvements in Auto-Battle

- When there is a door opening animation, the character will wait for a moment before proceeding.
- An issue where auto-battle feature would not seek out monsters in certain areas has been fixed.

Frog Form Content Updated

- You can now use community content in frog form.

Improvements in Character Creation Customization

- Face accessories / Head accessories / Glasses / Ear accessories / Neck Accessories / Masks / Gloves will be added. Furthermore, more selections of Hair style / Outfits / Shoes will be added.
- More color palettes will be added to select from in character creation.

Costume Set

- Improvements to match the set bonus of outfits with the main style tag they belong to.

Set Name

Previous Style Tag

Changed to

Stylish Chic



Lake View Sporty



Brilliant Autumn



One Day Hipster



Adventure Classic



Daily Casual



Ribbit Spa



Bluebell Dewy



Fairy Tale



Spring Campus



Scholar Conference



Modern Edge Rider






New Autumn Sky



Good Helpers



Bright Midnight



Fow's Event Store (Updated)

- The Donation Coin price discount in Fow's 'Event Store' has ended.