[Patch Notes] January 31st Update Details

There will be scheduled maintenance on January 31st.
Please find the update details below.

- Detailed schedule will be announced via the official blog.
- Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
- The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

🗺️ Originals Chapter 2 Update

Chapter 2 will be added to Originals.

Explore the town of 'Starlit County' and 'Under Colony', the new Adventure Area of Chapter 2!

New Episodes

- Players will be able to play through 6 new Episodes as part of Originals Chapter 2.
- Meet new characters and play through an exciting new story!

New Adventure Area

- New Adventure Area 'Under Colony'—comprised of 40 stages—will be added.

New Blacklist Outlaws

- Arrest new Blacklists that will be making an appearance in Under Colony!
- Blacklists available per week will be increased to a maximum of 14 per week after the update.

New Keywords and Titles

- A variety of new Keywords and Titles will be added as part of the Chapter 2 Update.

🛍️ New Outfits and Accessories

New outfit collections will be added.
Try out the new outfits in Boutique J&J!


- The following accessories will be added to the Boutique: 2 Mask, 4 Hat, 4 Ear, 1 Back
- Sale Duration: Available in the Boutique after January 31st update.


1) Scholar Conference Package
- The Scholar Conference Package will be added to Boutique J&J.
- Sale Duration: January 31st 00:00 – March 31st 23:59 (UTC+0)

2) Lovely Rose Package
- The Lovely Rose Package will be added to Boutique J&J.
- Sale Duration: January 31st 00:00 – March 31st 23:59 (UTC+0)

3) Individual Outfit Items
- You can now purchase individual outfit items of the previous packages from the Boutique.
- Individual outfit items will be available after the January 31st update.
- Items on sale: Modern Edge Rider Set, Fae Garden Set

🗣️ New Gestures and UI Improvements

New gestures will be added, including the ones that have previously made an appearance in Requests and Adventure Areas.

Interact with other travelers using more gestures!

- 29 new free gestures have been added.
- 1 new 'Members Only' gesture has been added.
- The Gesture UI has been improved so that travelers can select gestures more conveniently.
- The Style Change button has been moved to appear first in the Gesture UI.


⚙️ Other Improvements and Adjustments

Request Assist Improvements

- When travelers are on a Request that they can receive assistance on, assistance can be given or taken without any need to request or accept a request.
- When travelers wish to receive assistance on a Request, travelers will be able to ask for assistance through the Chat without having to be in near proximity to other travelers.
- Travelers will now be able to choose to assist with another traveler's request by tapping the overhead text bubble that appears when they are on a request.

Improvements for displayed information in the Boutique

- Item Set information displayed on items prior to purchasing will be improved.
- Item Set requirements will be displayed for outfit sets.

- Information displayed will be changed to show whether the Item Set effect is active or not.

- Outfit's status(owned, not purchased, and currently worn) will be more clearly displayed.

- When travelers try on clothes and press 'Wear Selected', travelers will be able to see detailed information about each tried-on item and will be taken to a page where they can select and purchase tried-on items.

Brochure - Themed Tours

- Packages purchased from the boutique will now be counted in 'Boutique used'.
* When travelers purchase an outfit package with 3 outfits included, the counter for 'Boutique used' will detect the purchase as 3 separate purchases.


- Stella Mart's Ads will be relocated to Shopping > Home.
- Reset time for NewsFeed and Shopping > Home Ads will be adjusted.


- When there are other overhead text bubbles apart from 'High-Five', such as Request or Contest, tapping on 'High-Five' overhead text bubble will now instantly trigger High-Five.
- Animation sequence in the Battle Results screen for arresting Blacklist will be simplified.