[Patch Notes] October 12th Update Details (updated)

There will be scheduled maintenance on October 12th and please find the Update details below.

- Detailed schedule will be announced via the official blog.
- Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
- The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

🎃First Season Event: Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween, various events will be held in Astell.
Come visit the Manager's House on 12th for more details.

The Halloween Season content is available until the November 3rd Maintenance.

Changes in Astell

- Astell will turn into a Halloween mood, and Halloween-themed music will flow during the nighttime.
- A Halloween animation effect applies to the high-five.
- A Halloween Event Staff in charge of the Halloween Season Event will be visiting the town.
- Added Halloween-themed photo spots.

Halloween Exclusive Currency and Items

1) Halloween Exclusive Currency
- Halloween Treat and Lucky! Halloween Treat will be added.
- Players can obtain the Halloween exclusive currency through the activities in Astell during the Halloween season.

2) Halloween Exclusive EXP Item
- Energy Drink will be added to boost the player's Job EXP.
- Players can draw the Energy Drink from Halloween Raffle.
- The items are available for an unlimited period of time.

Halloween Exclusive Event

- Halloween exclusive Event, Event | Spooky! Halloween Event Ongoing! will be added.
- A must-have item for Halloween! Jack-o’-lantern will be available upon completion of the quest.

Trick or Treat!

Halloween Exclusive Stamp Tour

- 3 types of Halloween exclusive Stamp Tour will be added.
- Complete the Stamp Tour and get Halloween Treats! You may exchange other items from Halloween Event Store.

Halloween Raffle

- Visit a Halloween Event Staff and draw a Halloween Raffle by using the Halloween Treats collected from the event.

Halloween Event Store

- Players can purchase the items from the Halloween Event Store by using the Halloween Treats.


Halloween Exclusive Request

- Claim the Halloween exclusive Request from the Halloween Event Staff.

Halloween Exclusive Titles

- Halloween exclusive Titles are available during the event period.

Halloween Exclusive Challenges

- 2 Halloween Challenges are available.
- DIY! Jack-o'-lantern is starting on Oct. 10th and continuing for 7 days.
- Trick or Treat! is starting on Oct. 17th and continuing for 7 days.
- DIY! Jack-o'-lantern is restarting on Oct. 24th and continuing for 7 days. (updated)

Halloween Exclusive Equipment

- 6 pieces of Halloween Exclusive Equipment will be added.

Halloween Chest

- Season Limited Halloween Chests can be found in Adventure Areas during the Halloween season.
- Open the Halloween Chest by hitting it with your weapon and get various items.

🛍️ New Accessories and Outfit


A new accessory collection will be released in Boutique J&J.
- Available from October 12th ~ November 3rd 05:00 (UTC+0)



1) [Trick or Treat] Package
- You can purchase the [Trick or Treat] Package from Halloween Event Store.
- Available from October 12th ~ November 3rd 05:00 (UTC+0)

2) [Hallows' Eve] Package
- You can purchase the [Hallows' Eve] Package from Boutique J&J.
- Available from October 12th ~ October 31st 23:59 (UTC+0)

⚙️Other Improvements and Adjustments

Skip Feature

- A Skip feature will be replacing Hold down to Fast Forward.
- Skip the cut scenes, video calls, and text messages!

NPC Location Changes

- Changed the position of Astell Residents Nora, Pin, Pong, and Po.

Direct Message

- Now messages last for a month.
- A month-old message will expire.

Weekly Content Adjustments

- Players are now able to see the information about the content upon clicking the contest HUD.
- Now shortened the matchmaking time and countdown the queuing time.

Weekend Championship (Finals) Donation

- Increased the cost of donations to the Championship final boss.
- Now have more chances to apply the donation effect regarding attack skills upon donation.

New Paid Item

Adventure Card x 15
- Price: 30 Diamonds
- Purchase Limit: 10 times per week

Bug Fixes

- Addressed an issue where some animals stop being moved in some instances.
- Addressed an issue where players could not leave comments on their own posts.

Happy Halloween! 🎃