[Patch Notes] September 27th Update Details

There will be scheduled maintenance on September 27th and please find the update details below.

- Detailed schedule will be announced via the official blog.
- Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
- The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

🛍️ New Accessories and Outfit


A new accessory collection will be released in Boutique J&J.
- Available from September 27th onwards.

Astell is in preparation for Halloween. 🎃 Can't wait to see what’s in store for the upcoming update!


1) [Romantic Traveler] Package
- You can purchase the [Romantic Traveler] Package from Boutique J&J.
- Available for purchase from October 1st until November 30th, 23:59 (UTC+0)

💎Diamonds Exchange Adjustment

1) Diamonds in the Currency Exchange will be increased after the update.

US$ 1.991020
US$ 4.992550
US$ 9.9955110
US$ 19.99115230
US$ 39.99235470
US$ 99.996001,200

2) Players who’ve exchanged Diamonds before the Sept 27th update will be compensated retroactively. The compensation will be sent to the mailbox after the update.
e.g.) A player who purchased $ 4.99 25 Diamonds before the update, will be compensated with extra 25 Diamonds.

Compensated Target: Players who’ve purchased Diamonds from Currency Exchange before the Sept 27th update.
Compensation Date: September 27 update
Please claim the mail before the expiry date.

⭐ E★Stream Membership Changes

- 3 days of the free trial period are now provided before purchasing the Membership subscription.
- The free trial is available once per account on the initial subscription and will be charged automatically when the trial is over.
- You may cancel the subscription before the free trial is over.

Exclusive Request Available

- 10 exclusive Requests (5 for night, 5 for day) are now available for the member’s benefit.
-  The exclusive requests are marked with the ‘Member’s Only’ HUD in the Requests menu.

List of exclusive Requests
Scratcher Vibe
A Lost Duckling
A Mini Campfire
Walking with a Follower
Escort the Frog
A Snack for the Cat
Flock of Brothers
Skip with a Pup
Highest Quality Hay
A Shrub Rattles

⚙️Other Improvements and Adjustments


- New Helpful Tips have been added to the Newsfeed. Let's discover how to travel to other places and look around with today's Helpful Tips!

List of Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips | Moving and Looking Around
Helpful Tips | No One Likes to Get Stressed!
Helpful Tips | A Special High-Five?
Helpful Tips | All about Blacklists

Style Match Lounge Updated

- Style Match Lounge will be updated to a new theme.


- Requests will now show the required License in detail.

Job Digest

1) Job List Tab will be adjusted. Press Job Details to check on the details of each job.

2) Job Details will be updated. Exclusive job skills will be displayed in the Job Details.

3) Bookmark feature will be added.
- Mark your favorite job with the bookmark.
- The initial opening page will be the bookmarked Job.

Photograph Mode Improvement

1) Viewfinder will be added to indicate the photographable areas.

2) Photograph mode improvement
- Adjust the viewfinder while the photoshoot mode is on.

In-game Currency Bar

- The in-game currency indicator on the top right corner will be updated to be more accurate.

Weekly Content Adjustment

- The number of tickets required for the Championship and Fashion Show will be changed to 5 → 3.
- Condition to apply for the Championship will be changed: Complete Chapter 1. Episode 2 →  Complete Chapter 1. Episode 1

Darco Machina

- Darco Machina that you encounter in the weekend Championship will have a new attack pattern.

Super High-five

- Travelers now can do the super high-five more frequently.

Originals Keywords Adjusted

- Removed ‘Request Assist’ in Chapter 1. Episode 6.
- Adjusted some conditions of collecting Keywords in Chapter 1.

CH.1 EP.2PopularityGet 450Get 300
RequestComplete 3Complete 1
CH.1 EP.3PopularityGet 500Get 300
RequestComplete 5Complete 2
CH.1 EP.4PopularityGet 650Get 300
RequestComplete 10Complete 3
CH.1 EP.5PopularityGet 1,000 Get 300
RequestComplete 15Complete 4
CH.1 EP.6PopularityGet 1,500Get 300
RequestComplete 20Complete 5
Guardian of the RuinsKill 3Kill 1

Bug Fixes

- Fixed the issue where the Boss monster intermittently disappears in the Championship and Party Request.

Astell is in preparation for Halloween. 🎃 Can't wait to see what’s in store for the upcoming update!