[Patch Notes] August 11th Update Details

There will be scheduled maintenance on August 11th and please find the update details below.

- Detailed schedule will be announced via the official blog.
- Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
- The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

⛏️Job Update: Miner

From mining to sorting the stones, a lot of talent is needed to be a Miner!

- You can mine items like Viewing Stones and Fossils from the rocks in Astell.
- The higher Class you be, the more valuable Minerals you have.

1) How to be a Miner
You can get a Class 1 license by following the process below.
① Obtain the Keyword ‘Margaret’ from the Originals Chapter 1, Episode 5.
② Proceed to the Miner activities such as mining, Requests, and Job Digest.
③ Complete NEW! Miner Registration Request.

2) Exclusive Requests
Additional 8 Requests including 1 Party Request will be available for Miners.

3) Exclusive Challenge
To celebrate the job update, an additional Challenge will be available for Miners only.
Obtain a Miner job and let’s join the Challenge!

4) Exclusive Items
New items will be added for Miners.
You can sell the collected items via Stella Mart or Live Auction.

🎖️Emblems Updated

Margaret and Miner Emblems will be added to the Emblem Shop.
- Available from August 11th onwards.
- Drop rate will be adjusted accordingly. Please check the drop rate from the Emblem Shop.

🛍️ New Accessories and Outfit


A new accessory collection will be released in Boutique J&J.
- Available from August 11th onwards.



- You can purchase the [Charming Sailor] Package from Premium Store. Try the new outfit in the Boutique J&J.
- The Package will be shipped to your mailbox.
- Granted a few Dye Vials and Popularities upon purchase.  
- Available for purchase from August 11th until September 10th, 23:59 (UTC+0)
- Price: USD $49.99

Blazing sun, golden sand, and blue ocean—all perfect scenes for [Charming Sailor] Package!

💎Premium Store Update

You can purchase the [Clover 7.7.7] Package from Premium Store.
- Granted 21 Clovers and a Lucky Clover Box upon purchase. (A Lucky Clover Box guarantees 7 Clovers minimum.)
- Available for purchase from August 11th onwards.
- Purchase limit: 5 times per week
- Price: USD $1.99

🤝Crew Adjustments

1) Crew Ranker benefit changed
Before: Temporary access to Upper/Lower Body accessory category
Now: Permanent access to Upper/Lower Body accessory category
- Purchase available upon accomplishing the conditions.
- The purchased items never expire.

2) Crew Members Chat
- The color of the chat bubble varies between the crew members and non-crew members.

🎈Brochure: Stamp Tour Adjustments

Watch Ad, Get Gift Stamp Tour

-  Watch Ad, Get Gift Stamp Tour will be renewed from August 12th.

⚙️Other Improvements and Adjustments


- Ameliorated the conditions of collecting the Keywords.


- Added new challenges. You may proceed with #PresentRelayChallenge3 after completing #PresentRelayChallenge2.

Badge (Red dots)

- Adjusted the display conditions of the little red dot that appears in the in-app icons.
- Equipment > Catalog: The badge appears when there's new equipment available.
- Challenges: The badge appears when there’s a new item available to submit.
- Job Digest: The badge appears when a new job, license, and promotion are available.

Adventure Result Screen

- Now move to the Adventure list upon clicking the Go Back button on the result screen.
- Added Retry feature on the result screen.


- Overall UI/UX of the Shopping tab will be adjusted such as the explore feature.
- Added a button that opens the mailbox immediately.

Bonus Event

- Clarified the description of the Adventure bonus effect: Attack power > damage in Adventure: n%

Bug Fix

- Addressed the issue with Stamp Tour where the players could not complete the quest in some instances.
- Fixed the issue with Stamp Tour where it showed the ongoing level incorrectly.
- Fixed the issue with the Party Request where it displayed the party members’ information incorrectly.
- Fixed the issue where the crew members’ last login information was incorrectly displayed.