[Event] #Me Dance Challenge (with.Rei)

Have you all seen Rei's dancing video released on our official social media?
If not, check it out first!

[Youtube Shorts] [TikTok] [Instagram Reels]

We'll be granting 100 diamonds to 10 random winners who've uploaded their own dance challenge video!

📌 How to Participate

1. Record a video that covers any of the in-game dance Gestures.
(Dance Gestures has a ♪ mark! You can get a free Floss♪ Gesture from Stamp Tour or subscribe to a Membership for 6 other exclusive Gestures.)

2. Post the video on any of the Short-form platforms with the following hashtags:
#hashtagme #dancechallenge #dancingwithRei

3. If available, tag us in your video too!

4. Make sure to include your Server and In-game name in the description to receive the reward.

📅 Event Period

-  Aug 5th ~ Aug 25th, 14:59 (UTC+0)

🎁 Rewards

- 100 Diamonds (for 10 winners)

🔔 Please Note

  1. The video must be original. Do not plagiarize others.
  2. Any platforms are acceptable including Instagram Reels, Tiktok, and Youtube Shorts.
  3. Make sure that your In-game name and the Server name are correctly entered in your post.
  4. Your post and account must be public.
  5. Winners' videos may be uploaded to the official blog.