[Patch Notes] July 26th Update Details

There will be scheduled maintenance on July 26th and please find the update details below.

- Detailed schedule will be announced via the official blog.
- Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
- The update details shared below are subject to change during the course of the maintenance.

🛍️New Items released in Boutique ‘J&J’

A new summer outfit will be released in Boutique ‘J&J’.


A new accessory collection will be released. Complete your style with these new accessories!

- Available from July 26th onwards.


- You can purchase [Cross Signal] Package from Boutique ‘J&J’.
- Available for purchase from August 1st until September 30th 23:59 (UTC+0)

Simple yet stylish. [Cross Signal] Package will show everyone who you are!

Swim Master Flippers are available from July 26th onwards.

Dye Vial

A new color palette for Special Dye Vials will be available at the Mileage Shop > Vial Store.
Available from August 1st 00:00 until August 31st 23:59 (UTC+0)

🎈Brochure: New Stamp Tour added

Daily Stamp Tour

- After maintenance, a new Stamp Tour will be added to the Brochure.
- The Stamp Tour is only available on weekdays and the schedule is subject to change without notice in advance.

😆 New Sticker added

- New stickers will be released.

Use them on the official Discord server as well!

⚙️ Settings: New Feature

Escape feature
If you find yourself unable to move or got stuck in the terrain, don't panic!

- An escape feature will be added. Access through Settings > Press I'm Stuck! button

Comment Delete feature

- A feature to remove comments from the Guest Book will be added.
- Access from Community > Guest Book > Tap on the comment to delete

⚙️Other Improvements and Adjustments


- Polished the Premium Store UI design that shows membership benefits.
- Arranged the brochure to display for the available reward.
- Improved the quality of the motion animation played at the start of the Originals.
- Improved to view the Profile while obtaining Popularity.
- Adjusted to view Fashion > Phone category without subscribing to the Membership.
- Improved to display the current Gold and Metacube in possession when upgrading.
- Adjusted to indicate the volume of the items in Studio > Live Auction.
- Improved to display Crew in the Profile.
- Adjusted to display the contribution points during the weekdays.
- Adjusted to swipe to view Job Details in the Job Digest.
- Adjusted to only display the participants in the Gamez, Championship, and Fashion Show.
- Adjusted to display the number of the players to start with.
- Improved to display the details of the equipment upon pressing Equipment > Power.
- Adjusted the tag icons in Fashion to distinguish the New item and New Arrivals Bonus.


- Adjusted the requirement for the Request: Electrostatics 101 to Class 1 License.
- Added a feature to obtain Clovers from watching ads.
- Adjusted the number of participants in the Championship qualifiers to 6.
- Adjusted the attack patterns for Champion General.

Bug Fix

- Fixed the issue where the players are unable to take pictures when resuming the Party Request.
- Fixed the issue where the players are unable to collect Titles even fulfilling the requirements.
- Fixed the issue where Newsfeed is deactivated while proceeding with Party Request.
- Fixed the display issue of the everlasting '!' icon in the Equipment menu.
- Fixed the issue where Froggy stickers are malfunctioning while chatting in the Championship as an audience.
- Fixed the issue with Originals where it intermittently stops after playing Championship and Fashion Show as an audience. (added)
- Fixed the issue where the membership players can purchase a duplicated phone from the shop. (added)
(Players who've purchased the duplicated phone will be paid in 10,000 Gold.)