Opening Event: Music Premiere Night with Hash Brown

Hash Brown is a must-see performance artist, a talented musician, and an all-around producer delivering high-quality music and sound you'll remember and talk about for years to come. To celebrate the release of Hashtag Me, Hash will perform at the official Discord on the 6th of July. He'll be playing through the instrumentals and original soundtracks of #Me for 8 hours straight! Let's have a sleepless night waiting for #Me!

Plus, you wouldn't want to miss hearing this short interview with Hash Brown.


July 6th
PDT 17:00 - July 7th 01:00 (UTC-7)

July 7th
CET 01:00 - 09:00 (UTC+1)
KST 09:00 - 17:00 (UTC+9)
UTC 00:00 - Ā 08:00


šŸŽµpremiere nightšŸŽ†Voice Channel


- You'll be automatically muted once you join the channel.
- You may leave or join the channel freely.
- You can access the text chat in the voice channel via a message bubble icon by hovering over the šŸŽµpremiere nightšŸŽ† or in the top-right hand corner of the voice UI (and a swipe-left gesture for mobile!).
- Most of the commands of the Hydra bot will be deactivated.