#Me Review - Last Episode | Hidden Photo Spots!

Hello to you all around the globe!
I'm Jacob, a photographer in Estrella. 🙂

In this final review, I'll spill the beans on fantastic photo spots around Astell.

If you look closer, you will find so many beautiful sights in Astell.
I hope this post will help you find the best place for your #POTD in Astell!

Here are some amazing photo spots that I've found so far. 🤗

The ever-shining rainbow at Nebula Falls.
Fortuna's Forest feels like floating in the universe at night.
An old but pretty lighthouse. Beautiful ivy is growing on the wall.
Enjoy a toasty campfire at the open field in front of Crescent Hill.
Take pictures with adorable angora rabbits!

Check out the photo spots on the map below.

Don't worry about getting lost!
You can just pick the destination and let the traveler's map do its thing.

It will automatically lead you to the spot through the fastest route. 😄

These are only some of the ravishing photo spots around Astell.
Once you get here, I'm sure you will find your own special photo spot!

Share those pictures and become a popular photographer!

I'm looking forward to meeting great photographers of the future!

Can't wait to meet you in Estrella! Until then, bye!

Live your Fantasy! #Me