#Me Review EP.8 | A New Way to Express Me! 'Profile Card'

Hello to you all around the world!
I'm GreenApple. I run a small Crew in Estrella.

Today, we'll look into one of the most important social activities in #Me!

Setting up your Profile is the start of all social activity.📷️
I think it's as important as your fashion style!

Profile does a lot of role in social activities.

First, check out my Profile!

Hoping you'd follow me... 🤭

How is it? I set my cat 'Whiskers' as my profile picture.
As soon as you see my Profile, you can tell that I love cats, right?

Of all, Profile plays an important role when you make new friends or connect with your Crew.

A well-made Profile is sure to grab more attention from people!

- A small tip.

When selected as a popular post on Topic, those with well-made profiles tend to get more followers. 😄

In your Profile, you can also tag your interests such as your MBTI personality type, hobby, and so much more.

Sometimes, when I get friend recommendations, I get more interested in those with higher interest match rates.

With our interest match rate being high, there sure will be more to talk about together!

That's all for today's review on Profile.

I hope it would be helpful when you make yours.
Looking forward to seeing your Profile in #Me!👋👋

Live your Fantasy! #Me