#Me Review EP.7 | How do I come up with travel expenses?

Hello, travelers from the world!
I'm Chris, and I'm here to tell you all about travel expenses! 🥰

#Just like the outer world, you'll need expenses to travel!

But no need to worry!
You don't need to use up a lot of money and energy for that.

The travel expense will naturally make its way into your pocket as you travel the world of #Me!

All thanks to Stamp Tour, Astell Visitor's Pass, Requests, and Adventure!

Check out Stamp Tour, Requests, and Adventure!

In #Me, 'Popularity' is also noteworthy alongside currencies like 'Gold' and 'Diamond'.

And you are probably wondering why.
But since we only have a few days left till the portal to Estrella opens...
Let's keep this a secret for you to experience it yourself! 🤭

Anyway, it doesn't matter if you do activities to make you stronger or make you more fashionable.

If you keep on doing what you like and follow various events during your travel, you will have enough money to support your travel!

If that is not enough for you, you can always use the currency exchange to secure more funds and... Oh! Look at the time!

I need to go apply for a Request!
There's a Request that will help me to train for the job that I'm currently focusing on!

That is all for today! Hope it helped!

Can't wait to see you all in Estrella soon! Thanks for reading-🥰

Live your Fantasy! #Me