#Me Review EP.6 | The story that connects everyone β€” Originals

Hello, travelers around the globe!
I'm Ali and today we'll look into one of the best content in #Me! 😁

Today's topic is 'Originals'!

Almost every traveler in Estrella subscribes to Originals.

Asking each other how their progress in Originals is going is a common conversation topic! πŸ˜‰

πŸ›‘Spoiler AlertπŸ›‘
In the first episode of Originals, you'll meet the king of sprites whose goal is to get ten million subscribers.

His ambitious goal is somewhat "cute", but the way he tried to achieve it wasn't!

As travelers started to visit the world of Estrella, the outer world's problems like 'phone scams' started to occur as well!

You can participate in the story of Originals yourself, and a new episode will come out every week.

The story is something like what may happen in real life, but it involves unique characters and fantastic places!

It would be strange not to be excited!

The free subscription for Originals will be available through NewsFeed, so find out more! πŸ˜‰

Enjoy new episodes every week and share your stories with others!

Live your Fantasy! #Me