#Me Review EP.5 | With Your Sword and Bow, Go on an Adventure!

Hello, everyone!
I'm Noah from #Me New York! 🙂

As a Rune Knight, I have so much to share about Adventures.

Today, we'll be looking into some of the most unique Jobs in Estrella, the Adventure Jobs!

⚔️Adventure Jobs

#Wield Your Sword and Shield! Show Your Valor as a Rune Knight!

Rune Knights are frontline fighters who use rune swords to battle.
They boast sturdy defense and destructive power.

You can learn skills as you level up as a knight and battle in various ways.

#Shoot with a Speed of Lightning—Levineer

Levineers use bows that wield the power of lightning to attack enemies from distance.

Precise archery skill is important as a Levineer, and the skills you learn as you level up increase the power of the bow!

Also, 'Dash' and 'Charge' moves help you survive in tough situations!

Using 'Dash' to keep distance from your enemies and counterattacking with a 'Charge' attack in perfect timing will give you goosebumps! 🤩

Of all things, your skills as a Rune Knight or a Levineer will shine even more in Championships.

🏆️The Biggest Event for Travelers, Championship!
Playing in the center of the spotlight! Countless spectators watching!
Doesn't just imagining it makes your heart beat faster?

I will never forget the moment when an audience gave me a power-up donation when I was on the line against the Championship boss!

One of the scariest bosses in the Championship!

I will keep on training and waiting to meet a new teammate in the Championship!

That wraps up our Review on Jobs!

The next post will be about what every traveler is talking about nowadays—The Originals!

Live your Fantasy! #Me