#Me Review EP.4 | Work in Nature!

Hello, travelers around the globe!
I'm Astell's Town Manager Lily, and we'll be looking into Life Jobs of #Me today!🖐

If you have read Review EP 3, you'll already know about Creative Jobs.
But those are not the only Jobs you can experience in Estrella. Check out Life Jobs!

🍀Life Jobs

#Keep It green—Gardener

Once you become a Gardener, you can collect various materials from the town's bush and farm.
I even found a witworm, the symbol of good luck yesterday!

That huge corn from [#Me trailer video] can also be collected from the farm!

#Guard the Forest as a Forest Keeper

Forest Keepers play an important role in Estrella's ecosystem, taking care of trees, forests, and wildlife.
Those who cut down trees around town are Forest Keepers!

Forest Keepers look through the ecosystem thoroughly to decide which trees need to be cut down.

#If You've Fell in Love with Town—Town Manager

Town Managers take care of ins and outs of town, from cleaning the streets to repairing the facilities.

I was once a rookie Town Manager and was sweeping the streets, and a friend of mine was already fixing the fences!

It is hard work, getting cheering High-Fives after work is very rewarding!

#Patience Will Reward You with the Big One—Angler

Anglers can fish at the various fishing points around town.
Casting the line and waiting patiently for the bite is the true beauty of fishing.

That thrill of catching a ginormous crawlossus! How can anyone forget that feeling!
It is exciting to wonder what is underneath the water waiting to bite!

Some Requests require a certain class of Life Jobs, so it's better to keep up with those jobs.

And this is not really a secret... (whisper)

If you get higher class Life Job licenses, more Requests will be available to apply. Moreover, you can quickly help others' Requests and gain more Popularity!

The next and the last Job review will be about Adventure Jobs.
Now then, I will give my mic to the next reviewer and say goodbye!👋

Live your Fantasy! #Me