#Me Review EP.2 | Show Yourself!

Hello, travelers around the globe!
I'm Rei. I am working as a content creator and also a model in Astell. πŸ‘‹

Today, I'll introduce the 'Ways to show yourself' in #Me. Follow the post and try out various ways to express yourself! πŸ€—

And the best way to introduce a topic is to show it!

Check out the pictures and interviews of other travelers and find out how true Astelleans get in style!

✨ Express who you always wanted to be in #Me ✨

First, let's check out how the new travelers are styling!

Minimalist concept! No need for accessories!

To make the perfect minimalist look, I focused on the colors.
And gave some point to the style with an "Active" hairstyle.

The true fashionista of Astell = Me!

Expressing my longing for the freedom with grunge rock style.
I chose unique colors to pop out from the crowd.

Normcore Fashion!

Wearing "normal" is not plain. It may look ordinary and may not stand out, but it's one of the most difficult styles to look good in.
This traveler tried to wear just like in real life!

An exotic fashion!

These colorful accessories and the outfit from Boutique J&J give me this fantasy-looking vibe and made me feel like I'm a magic apprentice.

Everyone's showing cool fashion!

One thing in common that all the travelers agreed on is that there are so many colors to choose from! 🀭

And here are a few of them!

Fashion is not only about what you wear and how you look...

Select your type of smartphone and ring tone, and complete your style of traveling!

πŸ“± Phones in #Me!

Select a phone that suits your taste!

Check out the ring tones that will ring whenever you get a call from your friends!
You'll be hearing a lot, so be sure to choose your favorite!

🎢 DreamingNight


🎢 Pit-a-Pat


🎢 MorningBreeze


And now, you're ready to travel!

From outfits to phones, there are limitless ways to show yourself!

You can decorate yourself with hair accessories, glasses, and so much more, so be sure to check out everything in Astell!

And... Cheese! A group photo with fashionistas of Fashion Street!

Make sure you keep an eye on the latest fashion trend! I will be waiting for youβ€”the newest fashionista in Astell!

Our next post will be about "Jobs", so stay tuned! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Live your Fantasy! #Me